Smart Grids (SGs) promote energy-efficiency, in electrical grids, mainly via the integration of renewable, and via the leveraging of ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

ICT is a key in the optimization of the Demand/Response (DR) variance which stipulates a real-time dissemination of data between SGs components, e.g., smart meters at the production site (i.e., renewable sources), sensors (measuring electricity consumption) at the consumer site, and actuators (controlling electrical appliances by switching them On/Off).

The interconnection of these components needs a reliable network: the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), and the disseminated data needs to be processed in a real-time mode in order to undertake appropriate control decisions.
In this project, we do further leverage energy-efficiency in smart buildings by promoting “context-awareness” whereby the switching On/Off of electrical appliances (e.g., electrical heaters, air-conditioners, water heaters, lightning, etc.) will be based on the “Context”, i.e., temperature, number of people in rooms, humidity, light, etc.

To this end, we plan to deploy a holistic platform that implements a real-world testbed at one of Al Akhaywayn University (AUI) buildings. We will be integrating renewable energy (Solar PV), investigating optimal energy storage strategies, and advocating an ideal control system.