MiGrid Professors (Dr. Siniti, Dr. Zradba, and Dr. Khaidar) enjoying a “pause”





Alakhawayn University Entrance





MiGrid Professors  (Dr. D. Benhaddou from UoH missing – Actually in the US)




Dr. R. Ouladsine in discussion during lunch time




With PhD Students




Ms. Christelle from NI (National Instruments) monitoring Ms. Khayat






Mr. N. Naji intervention during an NI training session




Ms. Christelle with Dr. Ouladsine




Trainees (S. Bourhnane, F. Lachhab, S. Boulmrharj, A. Elmouatamid, N. Najem, M. Khayat) during lunch time at AUI Restaurant –



Faculty – during lunch time





with NI Staff





Mehdi Bouzid (NI Engineer) explaining … NI compaqRio …


Mr. R. Lghoul with Mr. F. Sellah