Figure 1. Smart micro-grid testbed General Architecture

The aim of this project is to develop a holistic testbed platform that integrates smart buildings and renewable energy production/storage. Our proposal for smart building deployment involves four main components, see figure 1:

  1. Renewable: This consists of PV panels which will be deployed on top of parking roofs.
  2. Storage: These are fuel cells that store excessive energy and feeds it back to the building when needed.
  3. Control plane: This decides on whether to forward the produced electricity (from renewable) to the building or forward it to the storage. The decision making is based on production and storage levels, and the current /expected consumption levels which are fed by the Big Data Analytics platform. The control plane also instructs the storage to inject electricity into the building when needed. In this work, we are advocating the use of compaqRio controllers.
  4. The Big Data Analytics Platform (BDAP): This is the main ICT component. This interfaces with the Wireless Sensors Network (WSN) which gets data from different types of sensors (e.g., rooms’ temperatures, consumption, production, weather, etc). This data is processed to provide needed information to the control plane for decision making.