Fall 2017 Semesterial Meeting at UCD (University Chouaib Doukkali)

This is the first semestral meeting in the current Academic year 2017-18. The meeting is held to discuss basic issues relevant to the progress of the project. The meeting agenda covered the following main points:

  • Welcoming – by Dr. K. Zine-Dine
  • Project Progress / Project Holistic Architecture – presented by Dr. Abid
  • Ph.D Thematic#1: “Control”- presented by PhD student M. Elmouatamid
  • Ph.D Thematic#2: “Storage”- presented by PhD student S.Boulmrharj
  • Ph.D Thematic#3: “ICT”- presented by PhD student S.Bourhanne
  • Progress Report @ UIR – presented by Dr. Bakhouya
  • Towards Real-World Testbed deployment @ UIR – presented by Dr. M. Khaidar
  • Towards Real-World Testbed deployment @ AUI – presented by Dr. R. Lghoul
  • Current Issues / “What’s Next?” – moderator: Dr. M. Khaidar
  • Wrapping Up: By Dr. K. Zine-Dine, and Dr. Abid

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